The work which Christ came to do in our world was not to erect barriers, and constantly thrust upon the people the fact that they were wrong... [We] must come near to them and labor for them in love.
(Ellen G. White Testimony for The Church VI, p. 121)
You may be true to principle, you may be just, honest, and religious; but with it all you must cultivate true tenderness of heart, kindness, and courtesy.
(Ellen G. White, Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, 1962, p. 150)
Let the law of kindness be upon your lips and the oil of grace in your heart. This will produce wonderful results. You will be tender, sympathetic, courteous.
(Ellen G. White, God's Amazing Grace, p. 298)
Be ever careful and tender of the feelings of one another... Let only love, gentleness, and mildness be expressed in your countenance and in your voice. Make it a business to shed rays of sunlight...
(Ellen G. White, In Heavenly Places, p. 204)